The Career Advantage

If you're looking for ways to help you get ahead in the workplace, stop here. The Certified Administrative Professional rating is the industry recognized standard of proficiency.

You'll improve your professional qualifications, increase your skills and knowledge and raise your self-esteem by taking and passing the exams. You may also obtain college credit and, according to the latest survey from OfficeTeam, get up to a 7 percent increase in salary.

The Institute for Certification believes that a top-level administrative professional should have basic knowledge of office systems, technology, office administration, and management, and know how to apply the principles of good human relations and communications. Some of the examinations are based on knowledge acquired by the office professional through formal education and informal reading. Employers also expect their admin to be thoroughly familiar with current techniques in office practice and procedures and aware of developments in office systems and technology.

Why wait? Do something for yourself and your career today. Get certified!

Area Colleges offer course equivalency / credits for people passing the exam, which will apply to a certificate or degree:

Seminole Community College – 18 credit hours

Valencia Community College – 21 credit hours

The International Association of Administrative Professionals, the premier association for administrative professionals, offers the Certified Administrative Professional rating and the Organizational Management specialty exam.  Today’s administrative professional needs a wide base of knowledge ranging from technical skills to expert communication abilities. As you prepare to take the certification exam, you’ll increase your aptitude in key areas of organization and planning, information distribution and administration skills. Employers expect their admin to be familiar with current technologies as well as advanced practices and procedures that are integral in business today. Be in the know. Get certified.

The CAP examination is a one-day exam, with three parts.  Exams are administered each May and November at over 250 locations across the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Parts 1-3 of CAP exams:

  • Office Systems and Technology

    • Computer Hardware, Systems, and Configuration

    • Document layout, design, and reproduction

    • Software

    • Managing Physical Resources

  •  Management

    • Records Management

    • Communication

  • Office Administration

    • Human Resources

    • Accounting Procedures and Analysis

    • Time Management

    • Communication

Part 4 of CAP exam:

  • Advanced Organizational Management

    • Organizational Planning

    • Advanced Administration

    • Team Skills

    • Advanced Communication

Recertification: CPS holders are required to recertify every five years.  Recertification will also be required for CAP holders.