Membership is open to
"…an administrative professional who possesses a mastery of office skills, demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, exercises initiative and judgment, and makes decisions within the scope of assigned authority."

Membership Application

Membership Types

Professional Member

You qualify for this membership if you:

  • Are currently employed (or within the last two years) administrative professional,

  • A holder of the CPS and/or CAP rating, or

  • An employed teacher of business education

The professional membership is the most common membership chosen. This membership is non-transferrable and remains with the individual even if he or she changes employment.

New members also pay a one-time processing fee of $15 U.S.


Student Member

You qualify for this membership if you are a student in business education.  Individuals can be student members for a maximum of four years.  The membership is automatically transferred to a professional member status after that time.  This type of membership is non-transferrable.  It remains with the individual.

New members also pay a one-time processing fee of $15 U.S.


Associate Member

An individual, firm, or educational institution that sustains the objectives of IAAP qualifies for this membership.  A contact person is named by the business or institution to receive the benefits of membership.  This type of membership is transferrable and a new contact person can be named.

New members also pay a one-time processing fee of $15 U.S.


IAAP Offers exceptional networking and professional development activities throughout its 700+ chapters and affiliate associations worldwide. You'll have many opportunities to develop relationships with colleagues who can help to answer questions and find solutions to problems you face on the job. In addition, there are also numerous educational opportunities.

  • Improve your professional image

  • Certified Professional Secretary® (CPS) and Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP) programs

  • Education and professional development

  • Networking and peer group support

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Monthly magazine, newsletter, group insurance, credit card, member loan, discounts, and other special association programs

  • Enhance your public speaking skills

  • Gain experience in planning meetings and special events

  • Improve your productivity by learning time management tips

  • Develop international alliances and friendships

  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) and recertification points

  • International Convention and Education Forum

  • IAAP headquarters support

  • Administrative Professionals Week®/Day®

  • Conference call services

  • Meeting planning services

  • IAAP's official travel agency


Individual Benefits

  • Local and international network of colleagues, trainers, experts and managers gives members essential information and insights on office trends and best business practices.

  • The award-winning OfficePRO magazine contains a wealth of information on new technologies, career development, productivity tips, office product reviews and other “news you can use.”

  • Seminars and conferences – Annual events offering a wide array of educational workshops and hands-on training including the International Convention and Education Forum (summer) and Professional Education Conferences (spring).  In addition, IAAP Districts, Divisions, and Chapters hold events and activities at various times of the year.

  • Personal and professional development resources – members receive exclusive discounts on more than 250 books and self-study courses, many providing the Continuing Education Unit (CEU).  IAAP’s Complete Office Handbook is considered to be the definitive reference book for today’s electronic office. Online training courses and Online Associate Degree program are also available.

  • Professional Certification - Achieving certification through IAAP is the internationally recognized standard of excellence.  IAAP offers the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) rating and recently introduced the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) program.  Topic areas for IAAP certification programs include economics, accounting, business law, office technology and administration, communications, and organizational planning.

  • Service and support from the International Headquarters in Kansas City – Full-time staff is available to assist with member services, professional development advice, personalized education, and other programs and services.  IAAP also disseminates research and serves as a clearinghouse for information on the administrative profession.

  • Other local chapter benefits – Division and chapter newsletters; chapter program schedule, team of local experts on a variety of subjects; community service; local merchant relationships; mentoring opportunities, and more.

  • Awareness that it isn't "just a job" – it is a career and you're in control of it and responsible for it.

  • Exposure to other professionals outside your company to help expand your interpersonal skills and comfort levels – you can call upon a network of professionals to determine the best way to accomplish a task or receive advice – so you don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.  In addition, the IAAP global network is very useful when executives are going to other cities and/or countries and you can contact an IAAP member for information about a particular area.

  • Leadership opportunities through participation in chapter activities (can be everything from public speaking, to project management, to strategic planning, to event planning – skills you might not learn on the job or through training provided to admins by employers).

  • Discounts on educational products and resources that have been created, reviewed, and/or selected especially for admins (also shows what skills you ought to be mastering to keep up-to-date as a professional and the sequence of skills required to move up the career ladder).

  • Access to information on the latest trends and research for the profession, such as reviews of new computer software releases, previews of new responsibilities admins may be assuming, benchmarking details from other companies, best practices, and more.

  • Supports the concept of excellence and continuous improvement – more than just "talk."


Employer Benefits

  • IAAP members receive tools and knowledge necessary to become more effective contributors to their employers. By reading IAAP publications and attending IAAP educational events, members stay on top of their profession.

  • Save time and money – When seeking ideas and know-how for a specific project, IAAP members don’t often have to reinvent the wheel. They can call on the support of their peers and/or headquarters for advice and for direction on available resources, often saving organizations valuable time and money.

  • Members receive leadership training and experience that builds their confidence and teamwork skills.

  • IAAP members are better-prepared, front-line “ambassadors” for their employers. Having knowledgeable professionals on staff reflects well on your business or service.

  • Workers experience professionalism first-hand and aspire to greater professional heights.

  • Helps in recruiting new admins and retaining current workers.

  • Builds a team spirit among admins across departments and facilities.

  • Maximum bang for the buck with minimal cost -- access to current business research, targeted publications, selected study materials, certification programs, and more.

  • Opens communication between management and administration, producing better work relationships.

  • Raises admins to a professional level that serves all corporate team members well (managers and other professionals perceive admins in new ways...may also help in delegating more work to admins as they are seen as capable professionals).

  • New feelings of self-worth and competence empower admins to tackle more (and more difficult) challenges instead of waiting for helps managers get more done with the confidence it is being done right.

  • These are just a few (truly) examples of what is to be gained from associating with a professional organization.

Employers: Encourage your admin staff to join IAAP and experience all our association has to offer.

Judge us by the companies we keep