I have registered to to take the CAP Exam in March 2015. Do you have any idea on where I can barrow any of the required textbooks as opposed to buying them? Thanks


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Time Management and Decisions

Recently, I read an article about decision-making.  The focus was that we make many decisions every day and our brain gets taxed with each decision.  As we progress through the day, making thousands of decisions while our energy level wanes, our decision-making isn’t as effective.  Experts feel that if we made less decisions, our end-of-day decision-making would be easier, perhaps more effective.

The article talked about how many people have noticed that President Obama has limited his wardrobe to two suit colors.  “He wears only blue or grey suits in order to cut down on non-vital decisions. ‘You need to focus your decision-making energy,’  he  old Vanity Fair. ’You need to routinize yourself.’"  My take-away was that he limits his clothing choices to allow himself more energy and time to make other decisions. I will interject that most of these “other decisions” he makes are more important than in what he should clothe his body each day.

Obama’s self-limits on suit colors brought back a personal reminder regarding time-management.  I can get out of the house faster, and on my way to work more quickly, when I choose my outfit before I crawl into bed.  Mind you, I am a lark – awakening with a lot of energy and no need for caffeine - and tiring as early as 4 pm.  So evaluating my clothes, shoes, and jewelry at bedtime, making one more decision at night, is taxing for me.

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I wanted to bring you up to date on the activities of The Foundation of IAAP and what we’ve been doing to support IAAP and those working in the administrative profession.

We approved two new grants for IAAP last month. The first project is the IAAP CAP Exam and CAP Exam Review Guide. The IAAP CAP Exam and certification is a distinction that sets administrative professionals above the rest of their colleagues. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, clients, and coworkers commitment to the administrative profession. First, IAAP is updating the CAP Exam to create learning outcomes. This will define exactly what skills are mastered by passing the CAP exam. The new, comprehensive CAP Review Guide will ensure Exam applicants have the tools to prepare for this challenging, yet rewarding exam. The Foundation approved funding for $194,000 to support the progress of this certification initiative.

The Foundation previously funded a grant for the CAP Review Guide. That money went to fund viability studies for the Review Guide. These studies needed to be completed before the actual creation of the study guide. This new grant greatly expands on the first by also updating the exam as well as completing the work on the Review Guide.
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Leadership, you just can't hear enough about it!  I attended our November meeting this week and our Georgia Division Treasurer Kerri Gibson, CAP-OM, shared some value information with us that Leadership is a Journey and that you should understand your purpose as a leader and she shared with us a book by Bill North with Peter Sims, True North Discover Your Authentic Leadership.  I ordered my copy today and is looking forward to discovering My True North.  I attended a banquet last evening hosted by my church organization and our Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr. reminded the members that we are all leaders and that we must have love for the ones we serve.  I am so excited about where my leadership will take me.
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Webinar: From Reactive to Proactive: Creating Your Strategic Administrative Career Plan

Presented by Julie Perrine, CAP-OM, MBTI Certified, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin

 1 Recertification Point has been approved by IAAP Headquarter for this webinar.

 DATE: Thursday, November 13, 2014


Do you sometimes feel like your career or job responsibilities have veered off the road? Are you looking for more productive ways to manage the constant change in your work environment?  Does staying current with your profession and trends in technology stress you out?

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One complaint I have seen over the years on feedback surveys following educational programs I have chaired or attended is that the topics weren't advanced enough. I decided to combat that complaint by developing a series of webinars that were focused on advanced content. My next webine will be held Wednesday November 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM CT. The focus will be Advanced Techniques for Manipulating Data in Excel.

This 90 minute webinar will teach you tips to save hours of time. We'll be showing you some advanced techniques in Microsoft Excel to manipulate data and help finetune your results.

Participants will learn how to: 
- Summarize your data into one simple table using Excel's Pivot Table feature.

- Consolidate multiple lists into one list, eliminating duplicates at the same time.

- Use Excel's built in subtotalling features.

- Filter your data to show only unique values.

- Separate data from one column into multiple columns, such as splitting a cell with City, ST Zip into three separate column entries.

- Combine multiple cells of data into one cell, such as merging the first name and last name into a full name field.

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I have not attended any leadership classes or workshops taught by Eeyore, but reviewing the recent discussion about the “value of IAAP” brought the above quote to mind. Granted, the quote can apply to a variety of subjects, and its meaning is certainly open to individual interpretation. Please let me expound on what it means to me right now.

During my 23-year membership in IAAP, it has always been my contention the value received from our membership is directly proportionate to our interest, involvement, participation, and commitment. It didn’t take long after joining for this realization to set in. The theory played out for me personally, and I saw it work both ways with other members too. I jumped right in, obtained my certifications, and progressed through the ranks of office at the chapter and then the division levels. I loved learning about bylaws and parliamentary procedure and watching it used effectively in actual meetings. The apex of my membership was chairing the International Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee in 2011-2012.

Despite my love for parliamentary procedure, rules, guidelines and taking care of business, it became all too obvious during the past decade how the structure of IAAP was causing undue stress, forcing chapters and divisions to try to survive under the infliction of many unenforceable rules and practices. It needed to end. While I was not necessarily pleased with the manner in which the change came to be, I knew it was long overdue. Because I am in the “twilight” of my membership – at age 68 and having been retired from the active workforce for eight years – the restructuring and revitalization of IAAP has not hit me so hard. I will continue my membership…out of curiosity if for no other reason...even though I no longer need to avail myself of the many educational opportunities.

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